Tuesday 25 March 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays- Remembering...

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Coming home sex was the best ever. Especially in the shower, coming home sex. It was a ritual. Drop the bags, drop the kecks and under the spray.
Nerrin leaned into him. Her knees were hard against the shower stall wall, creating waterfalls, as the stream of liquid parted to gush around them. One hand held onto him tightly, the other imprinted the whorls of each finger onto the glass only for them to disappear in the steam.
This was what she waited for, every time. Their perfect coupling.
The way he held her close. They way he slipped unto her.
Coming home, he said.
Their perfect meeting.
Her skin was wet, her hair plastered to her skull and shoulders. Her body shook as she splintered into hundreds of tiny pieces.
"Come for me now my love."
Nerrin rolled over in bed. The words echoed in her head.
Her body was damp—with perspiration. Her hair stuck to her scalp and her face was wet—with tears.
No more welcome home sex.
His picture smiled at her from the bedside table, and slowly toppled over.
Move on love. Time to move on.

She covered her stomach. Protecting, loving. How?

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  1. That was like a beautiful sensual massage followed by a hard, hard smack to the face. Wow. You hooked me into it and then stunned me. That writing was masterful. Great tease.

  2. Dammit, warn a woman! You made me cry!! Fabulous and powerful and so sad.

  3. Beautiful yet heartbreaking Excellent