Wednesday, 10 May 2017

#MidWeekTease #CoverReveal and a hot as hades hero. What more can you want?

...apart from a heroine who kicks ass, and you get that as well...

Happy #MidWeekTease time and oh boy am I happy.
Not only did I get this brilliant cover, the previous book in the series (The Furnace Man) came out in paperback. The Earl and the Courtesan will be out in paperback in June and is on early download next week, and I had another Regency, The Duke's Temptation, accepted yesterday.
Yep, one happy Raven.

so drum roll here is my gorgeous cover for 

The Carpenter
(written by my dark side, Kera Faire)

(Jay Aheer and Simply Defined Art)

Undercover work plays havoc with any relationship, let alone when your boss is The Carpenter.
Dori Mason is good at her job—usually. However one look from her new boss is all that’s needed to turn her from a capable, in charge, woman to a complete klutz.
For his part Maddock wonders what terrible sin he must have committed in a past life to be landed with the Pa from hell. The fact that she rouses his inner Dom like no other has done before her is so not helping the issue.
He has a job to do, and that means that Dori is forbidden fruit.
A call for help from the Dark Isle, changes everything.
When their masks fall away, the gloves—and clothes— come off.
In the midst of a threat to the very existence of the Dark Isle, can Dori and Maddock find a future together?


“I want to create our pattern in wax on you, pet. May I?”
Behind the cloth she blinked. “Yes, Sir.” Her pussy clenched and her juices gathered.  Our pattern? She savored those words, they sounded perfect.
“Then let’s get you naked and onto a towel.  Let go of the rails.”
Her jumper was pulled over her head and she blinked in the candlelit room. He’d been busy. Candles dotted almost every flat surface and created an erotic and romantic space. Mason lifted her ass as Maddock tugged down her skirt and spread a linen towel under her. Then with a glint in his eyes she’d never seen before he put her hands back around the headboard. “Do I need to tie you, or will you stay like that?”
“No need to tie them, Sir.” She’d do as he asked. “Well, I’m not sure about my feet,” she added honestly. “If it hurts before it morphs into a sweet pain I might try to curl up.”
He grinned, and pulled a pair of individual ankle cuffs with ties to them out of his pocket. “Spread them, pet.” 
It was fascinating to watch how he prepared. Mason stayed as he directed and did her best to quell the silly frisson of fear that hit her. She’d never tried wax play and it was one thing she often thought about. And it was Maddock for heaven’s sake. Maddock, not any old Dom.
“Color, pet?” Maddock stood next to her, a candle in each hand.
“Green, Sir.”
“Then my love let’s play. I warn you, this will be hot.”
He wasn’t wrong. That first drop of wax on her tummy made her bite her lip, the second clench the rails so hard she’d have bruises. The sting followed by brief red-hot pain and the sense of something hard on her skin was new and at times disconcerting.
After each carefully placed drop of wax, Maddock waited until she assured him she was green. Then all of a sudden the sensation chanced from hot and sore to hot and arousing. She began to float.


The Carpenter will be out on May 23rd. Evernight Publishing very kindly changed the date for me so it didn't clash with the early download of The Earl and the Courtesan on 16th.


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Happy reading,


Raven xx


  1. I understand her joy at the word 'our.' Sounds like a night to remember.

  2. Fab cover and lovely teaser :-)

  3. I'm so looking forward to this releasing! Fabulous tease :-)