Wednesday 3 May 2017

#MidWeekTease...Bare Arsed up a wall? Anything is possible when you think it's safe.

Welcome to Wednesday and #MidWeekTease

I have a dilemma this week. What to tease you with. After all I don't want to sicken you of my latest on preorder before it comes out in two weeks. Then I'll give you another teaser from it.
Today, though, I thought I'd go back a little bit. To the 1940's. When the world was at war, and people tried to carry on as best they can.
Even if it meant seducing the one man you never thought you'd see again.

(I absolutely adore this cover by Jay Aheer of Simply Defied Art)

Who gets caught by the man of her dreams bare-assed halfway up a wall?
Lady Chrissie Stride, of course. It’s just her blinking luck that she encounters Baronet Archie Duggan, as she’s trying to get back in. However, the house her London employers requisitioned to keep its staff save from The Blitz is locked.
Climbing the wall seemed a good idea, until Archie turns up. At least he doesn’t seem to know her.
Archie recognizes Chrissie almost immediately. He just never expected to meet her again in deepest Northamptonshire, living at the family home, he’s moved out of.
This time round he is determined to claim the woman he loves. Circumstances and her parents interfered the last time they met. With the war on, however, priorities change, and love is too important to conform to niceties.
Will the star crossed lovers finally reach an agreement?

(Chrissie and Kay have been out to a dance, and Chrissie needed to pee. As she didn't want to ruin her nylons or knickers she took them off. Now they find they've been locked out and need to climb a wall to get in. Chrissie had helped Kay over. Now it's her turn...)

Chrissie managed not to sigh out loud with relief as she straightened up and put her palms in the small of her back to reduce the ache. She stared upward to see a silhouette perched on top of the wall.
“Okay; that’s me up,” Kaye said, stating the obvious. “So now what?”
“Now it’s my turn.” Longer-legged and slimmer than her friend, Chrissie reckoned she would have little trouble in reaching the top. She was momentarily thrown by the fact she had chosen to wear a straight skirt she’d sewn with some material she had been hoarding. Not like Kaye, whose dress was full-skirted, prewar, and had originally been her mother’s.
Once she had been able to get a grip, Kaye had no problems making it to the top of the wall. Chrissie felt sure she was going to have more trouble in hoisting herself up. Oh well, in for a penny and all that. Emboldened by the fact it was still dark with no chance of a moon, Chrissie threw her own wooden clogs—the height of fashion— up to Kaye, and the bag with her dance shoes in it after them, and hitched her skirt around her waist. Kaye was looking down on her and Chrissie could see the faint outline of Kaye’s body as she sat astride the top of the wall. Then she heard Kaye gasp.
“Chrissie!” Kaye said to her, urgency uppermost in her voice. “You’ve got no drawers on.”
“Bugger.” She’d forgotten. “Well, it’s too late now. At least there’s no one around, apart from you to see my everything.” Or her blushes. “And there’s nothing I’ve got you haven’t.” So saying, she began to climb.
“Glory, Chrissie!” Kaye exclaimed. “Hurry up. I can hear a car coming.”
She wasn’t the only one. Chrissie tried to move and was brought up short. In a panic, she twisted, trying to see what was stopping her from moving. “I can’t. I’m stuck. Look, go on down and see if you can open those gates somehow. If you can’t, get back inside and leave the bloody window open for me.” She heard Kaye move down the wall, emitting a few muffled yelps, and a thud was followed
by the sound of rapidly retreating footsteps.
“No key,” came a muffled whisper from the other side of the

“Well, go, then,” Chrissie whispered back and wondered why

on earth she was keeping her voice down. There was no one to hear. There was silence from within the gates. The hum of a car
engine grew louder.
Resigned to the fact she was going to be caught in a most

embarrassing situation, she shut her eyes, as if doing so meant she were invisible. At least one of them was almost out of the mire. If she could just get her skirt down...As a car door slammed and uneven footsteps sounded, Chrissie shut her eyes in desperation. What now?
“Can I help?”
I recognize that voice.
Chrissie swung her legs in circles in an attempt to move. The wriggling made her lower body spin around and for a brief second her bare bum scraped against the wall. It scratched. She heard him sigh with obvious delight.
“What a beautiful view, just a mere hint of blond downy hair,” he said, loud enough to make her blush. Damn, he had to see of course. Obviously the light from the car was enough to give him a peep show. The sotto voiced comment, “Down boy. Don’t explode. Help her down and then explode...preferably in her,” had her giggling to herself. He was nothing if not explicit.
“For Christ’s sake, Archie,” Chrissie burst out, forgetting Archie had no idea who she was, “stop gawking like a barrow boy at my bits and pieces and help me down! Can’t you see I’m stuck here?”
“Oh, er, well, now, then. Right, oh...But you’ll owe me. And do I know you?”
Bugger! Chrissie realized the darkness might hide her identity, but not her body, which he obviously enjoyed seeing. The thought made her go very warm and wet.
“Well, not all of me. No.”  

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  1. Great tease. Made me laugh out loud. What a predicament!

  2. haha. How many people DO know that part of her? LOL

  3. Heh heh heh, love this story!

  4. Hahahaha. Love the humour, Raven.