Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Crazy, Mixed-up Week of Raven...and it's not over yet...

So, we've got to Thursday.
what a week so far. 

I know things in Ravenland can be hectic, and chaotic, but this week takes the biscuit in the nicest possible way.
I've had edits and a book out, and I'm sorting blog posts for another book out next week.
So what you might say. That's great.
Yes it is but I've gone from one extreme to the other and survived to tell the tale.

Edits for a hot Shifter story. Cat with the Blue Eyes. (Scottish wild cat. The first book in The Cats of Craig Mhor, Evernight Publishing)

A not so hot but warmish Regency romance is out via Totally Bound. The Earl and the Courtesan, the first book in the Daring Ladies series

Finished the first draft of a not hot contemp. A chick lit maybe? No idea where I'm going to sub that. 

'Met' my editor for my revamped YA shifter series (Shalea written as J. Lilley now for Opal Moon Press)

Sorting blog posts for The Carpenter (hot dark romance from Evernight, and written as Kera Faire.) That's out on 23rd...

And all that by Wednesday.

I'm now doing a final read through of the 3rd Shalea book, Accepted before I send that off. Then it's back to Regency, Daring Ladies and Maria's story.

That's just the authory stuff. 

I love it all.

Did I mention I've slowed down?

Happy Reading,

love Raven x

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  1. *giggle snort* slowed down... yeah.. sure... I'm exhausted just reading that!