Sunday, 30 April 2017

#SexySnippets where Jamie discovers who needs his help and why.

If you are reading this on Sunday...only two more sleeps until The Earl and the Courtesan goes up for preorder. Then I'll have a fab snazzy preorder picture to put up. Today you get my teaser.

(Jamie has just learned who needs his help.)

 “Theresita the courtesan?” He began to laugh. Even to his own ears it sounded forced and he stopped abruptly and smiled instead. “Oh that is a good one—since when does she need a man?”
“Since one of your ilk began to think his gonads meant they could do as they like,” Maria snapped. “And he is one man she doesn’t need.”
Her eyes flashed and Jamie found he’d put his hand over his cock and balls without even noticing. 

The Earl and The Courtesan will be up for preoder on May 2nd from Totally Bound

you can see it (and put it on your wish list) here

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love Raven x


  1. The plot thickens as they say... Fab snippet, Raven :-)

  2. LOL @ he’d put his hand over his cock and balls. Great snippet, Raven.