Tuesday, 18 April 2017

#TT This day....

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Where has life gone?
Not the moon. Oh the moon is my friend.
But oh how she taunts me. Teases me. Entices me to her.
Looks and shakes her head. Tells me I am wrong.
I cannot wait alone. Wondering and asking why?
What is happening? Why tell me that I can not wish for the moon? Ask for him, cry for him and wonder why.
You see, now I am alone. But it was not always so. Once I had love. Him, his warmth, his strength and his loyalty. 
Now it is taken from me. Now it is up to me to be strong. To show I need him. Just him. To look at the moon and say...
Please. He is me, and I am him.
I stand here naked and beg of you.
Give me my love.
Give him back to me...and every night we will worship you.
Show you. You are the one.
He appears...or does he?
Am I in a dream? A place where nothing is as it seems? A place where there is no night, no day, no reason to be?
The moon shimmers.
Somehow I hear him say

She gives us…this day.

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Happy reading,

love Raven x


  1. It's certainly something new from you, it has a very dreamy quality to it.

  2. Such an atmospheric tease :-)