Tuesday, 4 April 2017


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Well not exactly, fishing but playing hooky anyway. 

Sometimes you need a day just to kick back, relax and recharge batteries. 

A day to curl up with a book maybe, eat chocolate, ignore the phone and have the coffee pot near to hand.
Or one where you choose to say sod it, head for the nearest town, decide on a little retail therapy, lunch and chat with a friend.

Perhaps, if it's the right sort of weather, sit in the garden in an old sun hat, tatty sundress, kick of the shoes and doze...I mean plot...the day away.

If I were still working 'outwith' the home as they say up here, it would, I guess, be a duvet day. As my 'office' is next door to the kitchen and the coffee pot, I'll just say...
yeah, gone fishin'.

(Shhh don't show the family this, They think it's a work day...)

coffee, a new pair of shoes, good book, and chocolate enjoying, Raven x

Ps, sadly I can't add, 'sitting in the sunshine' to the list of might be doing, as it's raining.

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