Friday, 14 April 2017

A ramble about not very much really...

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well I do hope you all have...

I've got the aches still. Okay I'll be honest it's a lot worse than an ache. Even stuffed full of meds it is worse than an ache. But hey ho, I've also got the knowledge (hope) it will get better, even if it does take time. 

But it's darned annoying. I've guests I want to share with you, but as I'm prone to dozing off at any minute, I worry I'd not promo them very well so, I've had to, in effect put the gone fishing sign up.

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(Well if I said sorry, in a drug fuelled haze, people might get the wrong idea eh?)

I'm writing in five minute stints, mainly leaning on the kitchen work surface as no darned chair is comfy, or as now propped up in bed. I'm walking around the house to keep moving, and after yesterday's fiasco of trying to climb the stairs, glowering at them with retribution promised!

And I'm making notes.

After three odd pages with cryptic comments on them such as Red hair why and br...txks? (I think that's what it said, no idea what it meant) I realise I need to either add what story, or whatever I'm talking about, or write in capitals. Or leave it until I'm coherent.

The trouble is, that although my characters are sympathetic, they want their story Do they think I don't? 

Le sigh.

And on that note, I will go back to the WIP and see if last nights med-fuelled paragraphs make sense. 

And hope like crazy I get my guests back to share with you sooner rather than later,

happy reading,

excuse any typos

love Raven xx

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