Saturday 15 April 2017

The saga of three coat hangers, a walking stick and a wooden spoon

Update...or should that  be not-getting-up-easily-date.

The Raven's eye view of life as she knows it...

Or how to utilise three coat hangers, one wooden spoon and a walking stick. (Sadly not in the way most of you are thinking either, although I do have a scene in mind for my next Death Isle book now)

Oh you want to know what I did with them? Coat hangers for pulling stuff to where I can reach it, walking stick to stand up and down... Wooden spoon as a back scratcher... Boring eh? But blooming helpful. Plus—once I washed it the spoon was perfect for stirring. Soup not people.

This slipped disc pressed nerve or whatever lark is getting beyond a joke. No more 'take more water with it', 'two left feet', or some such jokes even raise half a smile. More like a bloody great snarl. 

I have so much admiration for people who suffer much more than this everyday, and know that is the best they can hope for. At least hopefully I'll get better.

But until I do, I decided to keep a diary—well jottings...not etchings... of the highlights and low lights and I'm not talking about my hair colour.

Made cauliflower soup in the microwave. A success. Plus showed me that it is possible to put the container inside the microwave, and then sort of manage to put everything into it, without having to lift a heavy pot. It was a bit tricky when I wanted to do the blending bit, but a sort of shuffle slide and pray worked wonders. Win. And it was damned good. Sometimes the no recipe bung it all in way works better than the weigh and calculate method.

I managed three rows of knitting, did the crossword without looking up any answers, and found a book that was hiding in plain sight. All wins.

Putting socks on...No could do. That's a fail. Cold feet, until I managed to somehow get Uggs on. Not very elegant, but I never purported to be. Changed fail to mega win.

Watching two of our resident red squirrels play outside my study door. Perfect.

It's not raining, (at the moment) I have coffee and a book,

the pheasant has walked across the lawn and the sunrise is beautiful.

Yeah...Things are looking up.

Except I still have cold feet, and need to stand up to go to the loo. Close your ears to the cuss words as I struggle from sitting to standing. 

Meanwhile be good, and remember if you can't be good, enjoy what you can be.

love Raven x

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