Wednesday 14 December 2016

#MidWeekTease with a tease... ;)

Welcome to Wednesday and #MidWeekTease

As I had a double release day yesterday, and I reckon you must all be sick to death of reading snippets from both Killer at Christmas and Fairground Attraction, I'm going to tease you with something completely different.
un-named no idea where it is going yet, or even if it is worth finishing.

"Just walk through the middle of the quarry. Don’t worry about making a noise. We're tourists, don't forget. Nosy, noisy tourists"
"How could I forget?" Lena asked sarcastically. " I've had my long blond hair chopped, dyed brown- a nasty mousey brown at that, and I'm wearing glasses that I keep forgetting about and knock off. We're showing our alter- egos about all over the place, living in a tent, on a forest campsite with no facilities, when not five miles away, I've a house with a bath, shower and a bed.  Not to mention clean clothes."
 "And a man with a gun watching the place" Avon remarked evenly, his hair now so closely cropped his skull shone palely through the dark stubble. He ran his hand over it.

 "If you think clean knickers are worth a bullet in the back- go ahead, head for home. They won't be clean for long. I can promise you! But don't expect me to come charging to the rescue. I don't like guns. They have a habit of going off and hurting you. I'm no BDSM follower. I don't like pain."

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happy reading,
love Raven x


  1. Loved the knickers comment! Hope you finish this one, Raven!

  2. Great tease. I'm so curious about these two and their motives.

  3. Great tease. Looking forward to more.

  4. Heh, I'm with Avon. Good tease, Raven.

  5. Hmm, intriguing, Raven!