Sunday, 13 May 2012

Six Sunday visits Livvy and Sael

This weeks six are from my Devilish tail, in The Recess Of Her Soul

"Clothes? That's a relief, I thought we'd be naked." 

"We will, but not at first, this is a concession, you understand, a courtesy to you. I explained that dozens of cocks, horns, and tails might just be a bit much for you to take in all at once."

Livvy burst out laughing at the double entendre. "That's a given, I'm sure I can only take one in at a time."

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  1. I love the humour and sexiness of this dialogue Raven! Your a clever lady! I bet Livvy is a saucy little minx :-)

  2. Love her humor, she sounds like a fun woman to read and you totally have me hooked.

  3. Ooo, double entendres are great. Nice six. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love the foreplay with words. :) Great six!

  5. thanks all for such encouraging comments.