Monday, 21 May 2012

so a little bit you may or may not know

My list, as requested by Tara Chevresst. It's a bit of fun...

Four places I have worked
 Dr. Barnardo's
 Prudhoe Hospital
 The Scottish Wool Centre

Four movies I could watch again and again
Bull Durham
Mama Mia,
The Italian Job...the original one
Ten Things I Hate About You

TV shows I watch.. er um again.
Er well sorry, the news occasionally
as background noise?  Probably DH has the golf on

Four authors I enjoy. 
Miss Read
Robyn Donald
Peter Robinson
Katie FForde

Four Places I have travelled to
New Zealand
South Africa

4 websites I visit daily…
metric junkie

Four favorite foods
Well, this is a hard one, to only choose four.... Hmm
Wine ( is it a food?)
Sea food
Lamb Rogan Josh

4 places I'd rather be
Well Duh
On a beach with SUN
On a beach with sun and hot wine waiiters
In a bar, where it's sunny, with hot waiters
In my garden in the sun with DH

Four people I want to tag
Doris O'Connor
Sukhinder Hammond
Cherie Nicholls
Karin Baine…
I could go on and on ….

Hey, now let's see what those four come up with.

 Link back, to me if I've tagged you please... lets see how many of us say chocolate is food!

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  1. Thanks for tagging me. My post is up :-)