Sunday, 20 May 2012

Six Sentence Sunday is here with Caleb and Logan

This week it's just got to be a tease from Caleb and Logan in Riding Ryder...

No one to look and wonder; no one to fall over or maneuver around; just him, nature—and two seagulls.

He veered off the sand and into the dunes and discovered he had been wrong. Not just him, nature, and two seagulls. Him, nature, two seagulls, and a honed, toned, tanned, and very naked, drop-dead, play-your-cards-right-and-you-can-have-me male, whom he then fell over.

Caleb put his hand out to cushion the fall.

Yes, cushioned, all right, his hand closed around what seemed like the finest cock he had wrapped his fingers around in a long time

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have a great one!


  1. WOW! errrrrr.....never read a purely m/m book before, now am intrigued!

  2. Raven, if I did the m/m stuff, you would have me locked up. Wow! I loved Ruthies book. But your six sentences are better than hers this week! :-)

  3. Love those two, Raven :-)

  4. Oh no fair now I have to buy the book!!!! lol

  5. Well if you're going to fall, might as well fall in the right place! Enjoyed this six, great voice!