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Riding Ryder ...need I say more?

When Caleb met Logan, the attraction was instantaneous and reciprocal. Logan was sure he could cope with Cal's job, until reality kicked in.

Caleb Ryder has a vocation, one he knows he has to follow. When he falls for Logan that job gets in the way. How can his soul mate accept that the job he loves involves sex, both hand on and off?
Logan is sure he can cope, but will reality prove too much? Can Caleb give up his life's work for love, or would that truly be the end of their relationship?

I'm really pleased...understatement,  pleased, happy, dancing, euphoric and, yes, scared! 
This is my first stand alone m/m. (I was lucky enough to have two short stories in Addicktion Vol 2 from Breathless Press)  I was worried I might not do my two heroes justice.
I knew it was a love story, and I knew what each of them wanted. I also knew neither of them would find it easy! and yes, I knew I wouldn't find it easy to tell their story, but that I had to.
Well I told it, luckily Breathless Press liked it, and here we are. 
Caleb and Logan's love story.

Here's an excerpt...

Logan watched as Caleb sank wearily into the soft cushions of the settee. “You look knackered,” he said as he sat down next to him a few moments later. “Tough time?” Caleb nodded. “Physically knackered? No.” Well not yet anyway. “Mentally? Yeah, it’s going to be a tough few days, I think. Oh, that is bloody good.” He rolled his head as Logan moved behind the settee and started to massage his shoulders. “Mmm. There are lots of other bits that could do with a massage. You don’t need to stop there.”
“Slave driver. Let’s go to bed then, and you can tell me where it hurts.” He pulled Caleb to his feet and walked into the bed- room. Earlier, he had turned the covers back, leaving soft music filling the air, determined he would welcome Caleb with warmth and a relaxing, sensual atmosphere. The sheer drapes at the window fluttered gently. The scent of incense surrounded them. Definitely set for seduction. He hoped anxiously Caleb would like it.
Fucking marvelous. And so are you. Take me. I’m yours.” Caleb fell onto the bed, facedown.
“Lazy sod, get those jeans off and move your butt. That cock of yours is twitching to get into my ass, so don’t you dare deny it its pleasure.” He watched the deep, sexy smile that appeared on Caleb’s face. Noticed the speed at which he stood up and got undressed.
“Come on, slacker,” he was told, “How can I give my cock its pleasure when you’ve still got those boardies on?”
So it’s not going to be needed elsewhere tonight, then? Logan realized just how happy that made him feel. He moved. Kicked off his shorts and stood chest to chest with Caleb.
“I’m here. I’m yours. So?”
“So.” His legs were swept from under him, and they bounced onto the bed. He saw Caleb reach into the drawer, and saw him holding a condom and gel. “Next?”
“Don’t know how long I can hold out here, Logan. I’m horny as hell.”
“Mmm, I can see that. Well, look at me. Am I any better? Get on with it, for fuck’s sake.”
“Turn over and get up on all fours.”
He heard the command in Caleb’s voice. Oh ho, Dom tonight, was it? “Yes, master.” There was a laugh in his voice. He was too hot and horny to be offended or take Caleb’s instructions too seriously. But he hurried to do as he was bidden.
“Good.” There was a short sharp sting on his butt, and then the lubricating gel around his ass as Caleb slowly inserted one and then two fingers into him.
“Touch yourself; get that cock nice and hard. I’m going to fuck your ass oh so good. You’re so ready.”
He welcomed the gentle probe as Caleb’s condom-covered cock began its subtle movement, testing his anus to see how ready he was. Well, he knew the answer. Fucking ready. He opened his mouth to say so.
The phone rang.
In disbelief, he saw Caleb move away and pick up the phone from the table and answer it.
“Ryder. Yes. No, no problem. That’s why I’m here. Yes, call at any time. No, you weren’t interrupting anything.”

I would love your comments, Because as a writer I want to get better,  to give anyone who reads my books that feeling of, "that was great." or "wow now that wasn't a waste of time."
And the way to get better is to listen to what readers say—and keep on writing.

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  1. Raven, you saucy minx, you! I've never read anything m/m So Firstly kudos to you for trying something different! I'm sure you had fun with caleb and Logan! Well done to you as keep up the good work! I'm Intrigued to read riding Ryder in full :-)

  2. intriguing as always Raven! Curiosity has taken hold!

  3. Very cool Raven!! what more can i say! Nice

  4. Sometimes I wish I was a gay man *sigh*

  5. These two are tasty...waiting for this one!

  6. Yeay it's out today :-) the waiting is over. All the best xxxx

  7. Oh, what an excerpt! I've got to read more of them!

  8. thanks everyone. be sure to check out Six Sentence Sunday, for another wee excerpt.

  9. Congrats Raven on your new release. I have M/M as part of an erotic novel before but never a book on that theme entirely. So you have a virgin here! Really must how you get your ideas and whether or not your mind is x-rated with rooms that need special keys! xxxx