Sunday 31 January 2016

#SexySnippets...Why a dungeon...

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7 sentences from a book or WIP

Today I've chosen my sentences from Diomhair book 5, Secrets Learned

Why is it called a dungeon?”
“Fuck knows.” Not quite true, but he was interested to see how she reacted to his words. “I guess because of the whips and shackles, but it’s wrong really—after all, the Dom doesn’t have the last word, the sub does, and I’m no jailor. But then if I said come and see the playroom, how would that make you feel?”
She was silent for so long, Alex wondered if she was going to answer.
“I guess you’d expect me to say it’s friendly and cuddly, and dungeon is the opposite,” she answered, slowly. “But I’ve read the books and actually playroom scares—no, that’s not the right word—freaks,” she corrected herself, “me more.” 

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