Sunday, 17 January 2016

#SexySnippets Would you like to be flogged, spanked, bound or gagged?

It's #SexySnippets time

What happens at Diomhair, stays there...

(Mimi is filling in her request to join Diomhair, and deciding her limits)

Luckily they were multiple choice and needed to be ticked in a yes, no or maybe after discussion box.
Some were easy. Would she liked to be flogged, spanked, bound, gagged. She had no idea but if the way the nerve between her pussy and ass throbbed was any sign, she wasn’t averse to the thought of them, even though she couldn’t stand pain. They all got a maybe. That surprised her because she’d assumed they would be a big fat no.
Was she a sadist or a masochist? Neither, thank you. 

To find out what else Mimi likes and dislikes, you'll need to buy the book. It's available from Amazon on 26th January, but can be preordered now

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  1. I love Mimi already and want to know more of what she's getting into. Great snippet

  2. Fabulous snippet, Raven :-)