Wednesday, 20 January 2016

#MidWeekTease A Whoppit?

Hi all and welcome to #MidWeekTease, where a group of authors get together to tease you with a snippet or two from a current book or WIP.

This week, I'm doing revisions for my third Carina book, The Duke's Seduction of Lady M. Just to make sure I've got all my facts correct I've been reading a lot of reference books, and then reread my first two books to be certain that even the tiny mentions of any characters from them in this is correct.

And this bit from The Scandalous Seduction of Lord Bennett still made me giggle...

Ben was where she'd left him. However he had a companion. One he held close to his chest.
Piercing blue eyes stared up at her, pleading for help. A whimper smote at her heart. She bit back a giggle as Ben snuggled into his companion.
"Lovely hair," he said. "It makes me want to..." He opened his eyes. Stared at his companion and then with a wild look shot out of bed in the manner of a cork from a champagne bottle. His legs tangled with the covers and he teetered for several seconds before he landed back on the mattress. "Hellfire and damnation what in hades name is this?"
"I'm not sure what hell would call it, but I'd say it’s a whippet." Clarissa stared at the tiny, golden haired, shivering puppy and her heart melted.
"A whoppit?" He shook his head. "I'm hallucinating without the brandy."
"No, you ninny. A whippet, a puppy. Around four or five weeks I'd reckon. It really should be with its mama." Clarissa lifted the shivering animal and it whined in a pitiful way even as it snuggled in to her. "There, there. The silly man. He loves you really."
Ben rolled his eyes. "Thank you for telling me. How the hell did it get up here?"
"Does it matter?" Clarissa stroked the puppy. "She's not an it. She's a she and called Brodie."
"And you know that how?" Ben kicked out his legs and flung the bedcovers back before he stood up successfully.
Was he going to mention their middle of the night activities? Say something to reassure her it had been good for him as well? His pego seemed to have decided it needed to get noticed once more as it bobbed and swayed in time to his movements. Clarissa averted her eyes. Really, to have to feast on that before breakfast wasn't easy. Mind you his impressive chest, sprinkled with dark hair that arrowed downward towards the other impressive part of his body, made it even harder to look away.
Tell me you enjoyed what we did. Lord, I hope I didn't say that aloud. Clarissa gulped as Ben stayed silent. Had it not been up to his expectations then?
Damn him.
The puppy wriggled and whined. She bent her head to nuzzle it.
"I have decided," she said imperiously. Sadly she then spoiled it by giggling. "And I looked. Definitely female and she looks like a Brodie. If you don't mind, can I keep her? I've wanted a dog for aeons." She did her best not to plead. It was very hard, especially as Ben frowned as he pulled on a banyan. This one was grey striped. Did he have one for every occasion? 

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  1. Nice snippet, Raven. And yes, the curse of a series... continuity! ;)

  2. hehe. Very playful. I adore puppies (and kittens).

  3. Heh, heh, it's one of of my favourite scenes in the book :-)

  4. Love how her mind is on so many things at once! A great tease! :)

  5. Love this tease, Raven!