Sunday 10 January 2016

#SexySnippets decisions, decisions...

Hi all, its #SexySnippets time once more...

I was in the enviable? awkward? dithering? you chose, position this week of not knowing which book to choose.

It's the big red bus syndrome once more. Four stories out this month then none next. So who should I choose? I almost did the stick a pin in thing, but then decided to go with the one That came up first on my list. Scientific eh?
It worked anyway, so without further ado, Here's my #SexySnippets for this week. I hope you enjoy it.


What happens at Diomhair, stays there. Pleasure or pain? Mimi needs to know and Alex wants to show her.
When Mimi Leman is asked to go to a ‘Meet the Dom and chat to a sub’ night at her local BDSM club, little does she know what she’ll find.
Curious? Oh yes. Interested? She’s not sure.
After all, she’s anti pain and a BDSM virgin. Mimi knows things will go either badly wrong or perfectly right and has no idea which.
It’s up to scribing artist Alex Sunderland to ensure it’s the latter. He’s everyone’s idea of how a Dom should be—even Mimi can see that—but is he the one to show her the lifestyle?
Alex is intrigued by Mimi and is sure that deep down she’s the perfect sub…for him.
Mimi wants to be, but can she conquer her fear of pain and let herself fly?
Only trying will tell.

and your 7 sentences are...

(Alex has been asked by his sister to introduce Mimi to BDSM)

He whistled as he took the glass of wine into the lounge and opened up his laptop. He had emails to send, a ‘Meet the Dom and chat to a sub’ session to plan and a day of meetings away from the house he was building. Planning officers were his worst nightmare.
And non sub subbies foisted on me by my sister? Strangely, he didn’t feel he was being used or put upon. Instead, Alex realized he was looking forward to meeting the woman he’d never seen, with the lilt in her voice. He composed his email. 

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Happy reading,

love, R x

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  1. You can just tell these two are going to have fun :-)