Sunday 24 January 2016

#SexySnippets Where Chrissie need the loo...and there isn't one

Hi all and welcome to #SexySnippets. Seven sentences to whet your appetite and tease your tastebuds—or something.

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Based on tales my mum told me, although she, to my knowledge was never caught bare assed, stuck half way up a wall...

And this cover is fantastic


Rural Northamptonshire 1942

Who gets caught by the man of her dreams bare-assed and halfway up a wall? Lady Chrissie Stride, of course. 

It’s just her luck that she encounters Baronet Archie Duggan. On top of that, the house her London employers requisitioned to keep its staff safe from The Blitz is locked. Climbing the wall seemed like a good idea, until Archie turns up. At least he doesn’t seem to know it's her. 

Archie recognises Chrissie almost immediately. He never expected to meet her again in deepest Northamptonshire. This time around he is determined to claim the woman he loved and lost. With the war on, priorities change, and love is too important to conform to niceties. 

Will the star-crossed lovers finally find their happily ever after?

and your #SexySnippets

(Chrissie and Kay are walking home from the village hop in the blackout and Chrissie needs a wee...) 

In 1942 with so many men fighting away in far off countries, it didn’t pay to ask questions about just who was creating the heat, or with whom. Everybody knew what was going on, yet no one admitted to anything. It was the best way. As Kaye remarked one day, “they say careless talk costs lives, but as my brother said, careless cocks cause lives.”
That still made them both giggle but it was true. It was probably the best birth control ever. Never mind the ‘nice girls don’t’, it was ‘nice girls do, but carefully’.
And nice girls also needed to go and spend a penny.

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  1. Well then. Sounds like it's gonna be funny. :D

  2. "careless cocks cause lives...." *snort*

    Fab snippet, Raven.

  3. SOunds like a fun read. And happy release day for Wednesday!