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#MidWeekTease with an oldie but hopefully a good one And it's FREE

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So #MidWeekTease is from around the end of the eighteenth century, when France was still in turmoil and a trip in a fishing boat, in a gale was preferable to Madame Le Guillotine.

"Pay the price. The heart of ye child to be liftin the curse. Dare ye risk it?"

When Mijo escaped from Madame Le Guillotine and set sail to England, little did she know who her savior was, or what he would mean to her.

Theo was enchanted by his émigré, but knew what trouble they could be in. After dodging the French, revenue men, and smugglers, now they had their feelings to contend with. Passion was all well and good, as long as they could weather the storm it unleashed, and solve the curse.

Theo issued crisp, sharp orders, as the boat slid silently through the calmer waters of the bay and hove to without dropping anchor. On the beach, people appeared from nowhere, and a rowing boat launched to make its steady way toward the bigger vessel. Once it was alongside, Theo helped his motley assortment of passengers into it. First Caroline Gauthier, with her baby, and then the three men who had sat together at the front of the boat, ignoring the ladies.
Mijo stood up to make her way forward, just as a cry went up and the rowing boat moved away, carrying everyone except her, Theo, and an older man she'd heard addressed as Dan.
"What?" She grabbed hold of the mast to steady herself. "What about me?"

"Sorry, sweet, you're stuck with me for a bit longer. Well, me and Dan. They've spotted something again. We need to move and fast. I don't suppose you know how to sail?"
Typical male.
"But of course, tell me what you want me to do."
Theo whistled and kissed her soundly on the lips. "Hear that, Dan? She can sail."
"Let's hope so, or we're all scuppered. If it's the revenue cutter, it's got a fair turn of speed, and if it's them Frenchies, begging your pardon, miss, they've got craftiness."
She smiled. He was correct, and there was no way she would hold such words against him.
"Well, we've got guile and a secret weapon," Theo said as he pushed Mijo to take hold of the tiller and began to trim the sails.
"We have?" Mijo did as he bade her. "What is it?" She had to raise her voice to be heard.
"Apart from you to bring us luck?" His eyes flashed, and she realized he was enjoying himself. "I know my boat and this part of the coast better than anyone. Now let's give whoever it is a run for their money."
The boat surged forward, powerful and fast without its extra cargo. Theo whooped as he jumped down next to Mijo and stood beside her, indicating how to get the best out of his craft.
Even Dan permitted a smile to cross his craggy, tanned features. "I will say if anyone can do it, young Theo, you can."
"Of course I can." Theo's voice rang with conviction. "Now let's lead 'em a merry dance."
"You mean you're deliberately taunting whoever it is?" Mijo could hardly believe what she heard. She twisted her head but saw nothing. "Encouraging them to follow? What if they catch us?"
What about me?
"They won't." He kissed her nose. "And if they do, why I'm taking my wife on a honeymoon cruise."
Dan guffawed. "Some cruise. We're in the middle of one of the worst gales of the season, and in a fishing boat."
"He has a point," Mijo said. "What if your wife became seasick?"
"No wife of mine would be so chickenhearted." 

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