Sunday, 8 October 2017

#SexySnippets with an idea of something strange

Hi all and welcome to sexy snippets

For some reason I woke up with a Kera Faire story in my head. It's very vague at the moment but this stuck in my mind.

Castle Chaill

The moment he saw it, Lachlan Del Otio knew it was the place he and his colleagues were looking for.
On the edge of a cliff, overlooking the river many feet below and with only one narrow, steep and winding track to it, it gave them all the security they needed.
He stood on the roof, and looked around the area. All his land, and perfect for what he and his handpicked band needed.
A place to interrogate, investigate and inveigle.
Because in this day and age, there were too many people who were not prepared to work for the good of their country and not enough people to stop them.
Which was where Lachlan—Scottish mother, Italian papa—and his team came in.
Their job was to sort out the goodies from the baddies and ensure peace was any price, and that included a private life.

so what do you think?

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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  1. I think, that's going to have to be written! :-)

  2. Very intriguing. Keep writing!

  3. Definitely needs to be written. Intriguing snippet.

  4. Interesting premise. I hope you share more as you go. :D