Monday, 30 October 2017

The Gluten Free Authors Guide to goodies—or not. And it's goodies all the way at The Brackenrigg Inn

I know one of these days I will remember to take a photo of the food before I eat it. After all there's not a lot of point showing you a picture of an empty plate that looks as if it's been licked clean now is it?

So first of all, apologies for not having posted sooner. I have an excuse, as in I've been away a lot lately. Great fun, but everything else slipped to one side and got added to my 'must do—or else' list.

So here I am playing catch up with everything. The washing, ironing, saying hello to the dust name it. Plus of course, edits, a new WIP and my blog. 

Including some g-f author posts.

Food glorious g-f food.

(don't forget the ketchup)
(pic pinterest)

Do I often seem to be fantasing about g-f fish n chips? 

It's true, I can honestly say I don't really miss a lot of my old diet, not really. The thought that if you eat something it will make you very ill tends to put a damper on desire for said whatever it is.

So you can imagine my joy, delight, rapture... Okay I'm getting carried away here, but I was darned happy to come across the best EVER G-f fish at.... 

The Brackenrigg Inn,  Watermillock Cumbria. 

(pic from their FB page which you can find here )

Now for me to say the batter was even better than ever before (and what a tongue twister that could be) anywhere else is amazing, because believe you me, I am a connoisseur of g-f batter.

But take my word for it, it was.

Head chef Tom Smalley cooked it to perfection. The batter was light and crisp, and the fish underneath it flaky as I like it. The mushy peas were perfect, and oh my, I cleared my plate. As did my husband who ate the non g-f version.

Okay before you think I'm doing an advert for Tom and the Brackenrigg, I'm not. Just the g-f fish and mushy peas. For me, the chips let the meal down. Not crisp enough, chunky and bland and whether they were or not, I don't know but they tasted as if they were of the frozen variety. Thy were cooked, but not the way I like chips.

But that's personal preference. And as I say about everything, wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same old things?

Anyroadsup, as my dad used to say. For the perfect g-f fsh, look no further.

Until the next time,

happy eating

(g-f of course)

love Raven x

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