Wednesday, 25 October 2017

#MidWeekTease from Evangeline... who shows she can hold her own...

Hi all and here we are with another #MidWeekTease.

As I'm on a world tour with The Duke's Temptation and it's out next week, I thought I'd let Evangeline take over #MidWeekTease today.

"...this is life as we know it. One person’s freedom is the other person’s prison. Freedom is but an illusion for everyone and everything.”
“You are a cynic,” Evangeline observed as a moorhen squawked and swam through the reeds.
Gibb nodded in agreement. “Now, let us talk of nicer things.”
“Such as?”
“Ah, now you have me. You decide.”
“My extravaganza next week at Vauxhall? Will you be there?”
“Of course.” He sounded amazed she even needed to ask.
Evangeline wondered why. After all, nothing was certain.
“I have bespoken a box,” Gibb continued. “Where we will take supper.”
“We will?” She was surprised by his assertion. “Won’t people talk?”
“Perhaps,” he said with indifference. “But as they are talking already, I see no reason why we should not enjoy a good supper after your act. As long as you do not pick me for your victim.”
Evangeline sniggered as she shook her head. She might not want to be the center of attraction in any way except on stage, but gossip was inevitable. “I wouldn’t dare single you out for that. I prefer someone more aware of themselves and not in a good way.”
“Someone whose ego you can deflate a little?” Gibb suggested and she laughed. “That’s an idea,” he continued. “Can I give you a list, do you think? It would be a long one, though, and difficult to decide who should head it.”
“No need, I have one up here.” She tapped her head. “I just have to look at some people and know they will suit.” They angled down a side track and the horses picked up their pace into a decorous canter, which still left Evangeline able to speak and know Gibb could hear and respond if he wished. “And some I steer clear of.”
“Have you ever hit anyone by mistake?” Gibb asked as the horses lengthened their strides a little. “Even a nick?”

“Not ever by mistake, although I have purported to have done so,” Evangeline admitted with a wry smile. “I will name no names but say retribution was oh so satisfying. The couchon had tried to interfere with the young daughter of someone I admire, who is a friend. I did nothing more than graze his staff and slice his leg. Before he said anything to me the father of the girl threatened to do a better job. I believe the bastard went to the Indies and stayed there.”

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and if you want to read more, The Duke's Temptation is available from Amazon and Totally Bound from 31st, but now up for preorder.

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