Sunday, 22 October 2017


As I've just been away with my friend for a fab holiday in Rhodes, I have to do my #SexySnippets from the book we plotted out on night in Amsterdam. She wanted a book with her name in it, set in Hong Kong with a feisty heroine and a hot as hades hero.
So Debra and Braam were born, and their book was Hong Kong Heat.

It was so much fun obliging her.

And your #SexySnippets (slightly adulterated to give you a sense of what's happening)

She groaned deep into his mouth and let her tongue swirl with his as her body floated next to his and her breasts teased his chest—the thin lace that covered her was no barrier to hide how her nipples stood out. 

Braam slid one leg between hers and moved one hand to hold her ass and push her tight against him.

She wriggled and ground her pussy on his cock and yet again, the few scraps of lace she wore were negligible. Even so it took immense control not to rip them away and have nothing between them—instead he held her close, let her rub herself on him and savoured the moment. 

Braam swam them backwards a few feet until he could rest on a ledge a foot or so underwater and sit his lady on his knees with her legs either side and her pussy open to his cock. 

It was teasing, tantalising and downright enjoyable and judging by the shivers and mewls she made as he nibbled her ear and scattered kisses over her face and mouth, she agreed. 

Her hands played with his nipples until his cock gave notice that a few more seconds’ play and they’d need to clean the pool out. 

He was so close to coming it hurt.

If you think ohh I want to read this (or even if you don't) it's available from Amazon 
or Totally Bound here

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Happy reading,

love Raven x

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