Sunday, 29 October 2017

#SexySnippets where a bully gets his come-uppance

Hi and welcome again (or even welcome for the first time if you've never dropped by before) to #SexySnippets.

Every Sunday it's time to share 7 sentences from a book or a WIP.

This week it's Gibb and Evangeline again as their story The Duke's Temptation is up for preorder and out on 31st. That's only 2 more sleeps.

so here's your seven sentence #SexySnippets

(Lord Crowe, a bully is trying to force himself on Evangeline. Neither she nor Gibb intend to let him)

“I wonder?” Gibb said in a contemplative voice, “how small this will make you in the eyes of the ton—after all, you needed hired help to accomplish anything. You.” He stared toward Evangeline and her captor, but spoke to the man. “Unhand the lady and get going. If I ever see or hear of you again, you’ll swing.” The moon came out from behind a cloud just in time for Evangeline to see the man blanch as he dropped his arms from her and pushed her to one side.
Sadly for him, not fast enough to distance himself before she managed a swift kick to his knees. He went down like a felled tree.

The Duke's Temptation is available from Totally Bound, Amazon and all good on line retailers. Paperback is out on 31st as well.

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