Saturday, 9 June 2012

In which I am honest and hope I'm made to eat my words

For this last week or so I've found writing hard. Very hard! And it's not getting any easier.
 I went to bed on Thursday thinking if I never wrote another word it would be too soon.
 A couple of emails regarding my lack of editing skills have reaffirmed that. Don't get me wrong; they were totally honest, perfectly correct, and very humbling. And True.
 I should be better at showing not telling, grammar, dialogue tags etcetera by now.
And I'm not.
If anything I'm getting worse.
I truly do not notice, realize, or see how to change them. Okay if they are pointed out to me I go 'oh… like that!' But see it myself? I can't. And I should.
Then I realized something. When I read I make my own scenarios up, so the show, don't tell bits don't register to me. I'm happy with the bare bones. But I should be noticing and dealing with them in my own writing, and I'm not.
 So here is my dilemma. Do I finish what I am contracted for—with lots of apologies to editors, pleas for help to writer friends and sleepless night, and then call it a day?
Or do I accept I need a holiday? A long holiday?
I hope it's just a blue funk, but I'm really scared it isn't.


  1. Have you seen how many books you have written? Lol You just need a break hon xx

  2. Ah Raven, what an honest post. I think we all feel like that from time to time. I know I do.

    You have been incredibly busy over the last few months, so maybe you do just need a break. Re-charge those batteries, as it were.

    You are a very talented and gifted storyteller, hold onto that fact. The rest is semantics that can be sorted imo.

    Hugs x

  3. I completely agree with Doris here, Raven. Some much needed time off.

  4. Hi Raven. Thanks for your honesty.
    You have been really busy so I think a short break as D said. Recharge batteries, get inspired. We are all here to help each other out.
    I for one love your writing!

  5. thank you ladies, kind words and appreciated.

  6. Raven, I hate to break it to you, but you're not special - at least, not in this :-)
    Most writers who've had such an intense period of productivity go through this. Remember that your editor read the book BEFORE it was contracted, and obviously considered any issues to be fixable.

    So, deep breath, finish current plateload, take holiday. Come back revved and refreshed!

  7. I think the fact it's NOT just me is what gives me heart.

    BUT it wasn't only editors who said this, so it was a REAL downer.

    I am incredibly lucky with my editors, they are all very supportive and really, I don't think anyone could have better.

    This is all down to me!

    Not one of my best months so far! still hopefully it can only get better!

  8. Raven, you need to take a break, AND do what you contracted for. It's possible. If you're missing that much stuff, then you're obviously too tired. Now, go drink, coffe, tea, soda, whatever it is that you like to drink for fun AND READ A BOOK. Reread your favorite books by the authors you loved when you started writing. Or buy a new one from that author, if you can. I had hit that point. I finally figured out, I was forgetting to read. You CANNOT create in a vacuum. You need to be fed, too. So feed your imagination with a good book :) Big hugs, and let's get past this downer and up and running. You can do it. I promise.

  9. Everyone here has stated what I also think but I especially like Leona's words regarding feeding your creativity. Truer words were never spoken. You have a gift of storytelling and as Olivia pointed out, you were contracted BEFORE any edits. It's normal to go through a period of self-doubt, we all do, but at the end of the day this is a passion and the highs outshine the lows.


  10. Hi Raven, I've been reading your blog and your books since 'discovering' your name on the NV FB page last year - you and Doris have been an inspiration to me. You're both so hard-working, produce an amazing number of books and they are so GOOD. I'm published now because of people like you who have encouraged me to persevere - ok I've a long way to go but I'm getting there (and I know I will never be able to write at your pace) and my editing flaws have been well and truly pointed out. Thanks for being so honest, its often easy for people like me at the start of the journey to just think the self doubts vanish as the books get published. But I'm looking forward to reading many more of your books in the future :-)

  11. To each and every one of you a BIG thank you. you have all helped me regain my equilibrium. Susie what a lovely thing y to say,i'm all-a -teary now. Gayl and Leona, Olivia I intend to do as you say. My TBR pile is threatening to overload my kindle.