Saturday, 2 June 2012

Cover artists are the best

How do they cope with out fragile ego's?

The cover! the first thing people see. Your baby, up there. No wonder the cover is such a precious thing!

I'm lucky, the publishers I write for let us as, authors have a large—a very large—input into our covers, and I know not all publishing houses are as generous.

We fill in our form, giving the information about our characters; their hair colour, length and style. Describe their eyes, and body. Add a bit about the story and where and when it is set. All great.

Then comes the best bit. we are invited to say how we envision our cover! Yes, we say what we would like. 

The cover artist, send back what they glean from our often rambling ideas, and between us, we create these amazing covers. (I say we, it's really them...)

I've just had the cover for my first print book sent to me. (out from www.breathlesspress on June 15th) I didn't want to change a thing...hold on no that's not true we changed the color of his shirt from a bilious yellow to a pristine white. But it was a joint decision. (thank you Victoria)

I'm drooling somewhat... maybe you will as well? Look...

I daren't think how much work went into creating this, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a winner. I love it.

So, really this is a thank you, not just to the Amazing Victoria but to all the cover artists who work so hard to bring us great, eye catching covers, that hopefully draw the reader to us. then It's up to us to produce a story equally as good... and to help us there was have equally as talented editors...but that's a different blog.

Have a great saturday,