Sunday, 24 June 2012

six of the best from Riding Ryder...

So it's Sunday again...

And its six time

so from Riding Ryder, let's see what's happening...

Moving fully into the room, Caleb bent his head for a kiss. “You’re welcome to it; I never got past two notes, and while that might be good enough for status quo, it never worked for me. The music’s amazing, what is it called?”
“A thank you to my lover for the pleasure he brings to my life, do you like it?” He saw the flare of passion in Caleb’s eyes as he real- ized the meaning of the title.
“Perfect, bloody perfect. God, Logan, we must make this work, we bloody must.”


  1. I really like the cadence of your dialogue. However, the gray test on the blackish background is really hard to read, you might want to think about making a change.

  2. Jess, i am forever in your debt. Idid this away from home in a hurry, as I had very limited net and forgot to change the text! thank you