Wednesday, 6 June 2012

So you want me to do your packing? Here are the rules.

I love him dearly, even if i could throw things at him on occasion.

But the one time I could see my DH as far as I could throw him is when he needs packing done for a business trip. I have to do the packing.

I blame this solidly on the woman at US immigration. Because, he was running late one time, and in a moment of madness I offered to pack whilst he sorted visa's passport and money. And oh ho, he got stopped at immigration ( hand luggage off to South America) and the lady said how nicely the case was packed!


Silly me. That was enough for the packing to be down (up) to me!

Okay when the kids were little, I packed all the time. Let's face it, someone had to makes sure actual clothes went in along with books, games, goggles, snorkels, and all things holiday!

But he aint little. He's gorgeous, I love him, and he's everything i want in a man—except I don't want his packing lol.

Actually, doing the holiday packing was to my advantage. Because in the pre-kindle days,  I needed books on holiday, and I am a voracious reader. On holiday it's a least one book a day. So my suitcase was full of books, and my clothes had to go somewhere. That was in the days when each suitcase had everyones clothes in. Made for a nightmare when it had to be unpacked in resort, but hey if one ever had gone missing we's all have had knickers! (the only time stuff has been delayed was BA to Antigua. They were still telling us they didn't know where it was, when we'd had it back two days, and yup I's stopped the mixing stuff up. Guess who's case went missing, it wasn't mine lol))

So back to today. I started the packing. I glared. I muttered. I looked very pointedly at the door.

He sighed. I smiled and asked for fizz. He went. I got the fizz.

He went to sit on the sofa, remote clutched tightly in his hand and fell asleep... oops sorry, rested his eyes.

I packed and if it is not as he wants...

We all know the answer!


  1. did you pack a mankini.. coz that would be just classic if he pulled it out.... lol

  2. LOL @ Heather.

    I so refuse to pack for DH. He travels way to often for that to appeal to me at any level. LOL