Thursday, 29 August 2013

Yee Haaa and lets play with anacronisms... BDSM anyone?

Oh, and I have a book out...I <3 this cover...

I was having a conversation with my characters—as you do. Well as I and other character-led pantsters do anyway.

Felicity, who is the heroine of this book, (you know Nash's Niche, the one that's out today, book four in the Behind Closed Doors Series) was muttering about anacronisms.

BDSM she said and giggled. Does that mean, Big, Demanding, Strong, Male?

At which point Kath, from my WIP, who'd been reading Felicity's story, rolled her eyes. Ha, more like Bloody, Demanding, Sexy, Man. 

This made me giggle, becasue they both know fine well what BDSM stands for and in their own world enjoy it. But it also got me thinking. How many of us make anacronisms up? Sometines in the most peculiar way.

For instance the first car my parents owned when I was a child had the letters FCM. My dad called it 'first car made'. Mum and I argued it stood for First Class Model!

Then there was the famous chocolate bar that in the UK awarded you the CDM. Not to mention my own descrition of one of the lovely Doris O'Connors long winded goes on for ever need to take a breath and can't run on sentences. A DDS. Deady Doris Sentence. We've even got editors using that one now.

And how many of us can own up to using initials to describe our partner, our pets or our toys? Yeah those pesky initials come in handy don't they?


and woo hoo it's almost TGIF....


oh and PS I have a book out.... LMAO


  1. Hee hee!

    Congrats on the new release! :D

  2. *sniggers*

    Hope you had a fabulous release day, Raven. x

  3. Ha! :D Very entertaining. Happy Release Day!!