Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mik onTuesday:- part two

Well I nagged and got her to come back... (and promised gluten free goodies and a fine wine)

Writing – Pleasure, Purpose or Must?

Why do you write?
This is a question that is often asked of writers. The answer is a bit like Why do you read?...because I like it.
Some writer's say things like – the character's won't let me go, a story grabs me and stays in my mind until I write it, my fingers just itch to get to the keyboard, I want a bestseller…add you own sentence here.
For me…well it is a mixture of all of the above. I cannot say I have character's that grab me and won't let go, a story comes to mind and is there somewhere…once I get going my fingers can fly but not always.
You see, the mood has to be right, the inspirations strike, and the motivation pushing me along and the biggest…self belief!
I have to believe that this story is worth telling and that I can 
write it. I suppose it is CONFIDENCE.
So what worked with The Guardian Series?

I was bored, itching to write, an idea grabbed me…it was Romy from Guardian Awakening dancing for a shadowed figure and off my mind went. Once it was finished I knew Royanne's story was next (Guardian Possession) and started with the idea it was all about her. In fact, it turned out to be all about Zachriel, the villain who becomes a hero.
Next? I know Oryan has a story to tell which will be the last one of the series. As yet the motivation is not there, the story is formed in my head, the mood is not right and I am not inspired to do it. It will happen, I am sure, so I am not going to sweat it. Until then I will write bits and bobs and see what 


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  1. I hope the motivation strikes you soon. I love this series :-)