Sunday, 18 August 2013

#SexySnippets... is The Price To Pay

This week The Price to Pay is only 50 cents from

(that's 92% off, my present to you all.)

So my #SexySnippets has to come from there

(and I so love the cover)

When they reached the side of the ride, he turned her into his arms and lifted her effortlessly onto one of the painted horses.

Now then, that’s you seated on Sword.” Oh so aptly named. With luck, he’d have her seated on his sword before long. 

“Scoot forward so there’s room for me tucked in behind you.”
He hoped his eyes twinkled, daring her to disagree. She rose to the challenge.

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  1. Great snippet and a sweet price for the book! :)

  2. Great snippet! I forgot this one is still on my kindle!

  3. Hehe, she will ride his sword soon enough ;-)

  4. LOL. I love this scene in the story.