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#sevensinfulsecrets 7 Marriages, 7 Couples, 7 secrets to be shared...

Seven marriages—seven sinful secrets.

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Marriages shouldn't have secrets, should they? Follow our seven couples as they come to terms with the fact that their partner has been holding something back from them. Will it make or break their relationship? Read on to find out, and have your fan at the ready, because these secrets are hot!

Do you really know everything about your husband?
Behind The Mask by Raven McAllan

When Daisy went on holiday she did not expect to return with a drop dead gorgeous husband. Life is great until she meets a masked stripper at her belated hen night. She knows the eyes behind that mask, doesn't she?

Daisy laughed as she swung her chair round. She didn't need to see his face to know it was the man from the beach. Hell, she hadn'teven seen his face then, but no way could she say, “oh please turn around and let me check if your butt is the one I saw disappearing this morning”.

"Alex Campion." He held his hand out. Daisy took it and had a hard time not to gasp at the electricity that sparked from him to her. He, however, had no compunction. "Wow, talk about a spark of interest." He smiled. "So how do you do, Miss?"

"Oh, er Daisy Rose, and yes, Rose is my last name. The bane of my life."

He helped her from her chair and led her to a table where the smiling maître d' held her chair.

"Mr. Campion is okay, Miss Rose. He's a long time visitor, both, like now, on his lonesome, and with his parents before. I'd not let you be sitting with just anyone, you know. We take care of our guests."
Daisy nodded her thanks, sat down, and took a long look at the man seated opposite. No one could say he had classic good looks, but every inch of him screamed sex on legs to her.
"So." He pointed to the wine list. "That one, please. Will you trust my judgment?" He paused and looked at Daisy. The skin around his dark, almost black, eyes crinkled, and his face lit up.
Oh God, clit clenching moment, argh. She did her best to smile back and adjust her thong out of the crack of her bum, using the tablecloth for cover. Damn I knew I should have stuck to knickers.
"Oh, the wine in this instance. Don't forget we're all- inclusive."
"Eh? Oh yes sorry." Daisy blushed. Her mind had wondered what exactly he meant. "Sorry, I was miles away."
He laughed. "No need to be sorry as long as, ah shit, I'm not even saying it, it sounds so fucking false. Just well no need."
She wondered what he had intended to say. He turned to speak to the wine waiter, who was showing him a bottle of wine. And if that’s all-inclusive I have a bridge to sell you. She moaned under her breath. His profile was perfect.
"Will you sit for me so I can sketch you?" she said and put her hand over her mouth. When would she learn not to blurt out everything without thinking it through?
He looked at her and grinned. "Hmm." He touched her cheek with one long elegant finger "Will you marry me? Then I'll sit for you." 

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  4. I love that these are married couples and their relationships are evolving. Thank you.
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