Tuesday, 13 August 2013



(picture source faceBook—Witches Famiiar—Sarah Elizabeth)

It was the wondering. Every time. Would it work, would she get stuck? What if…?
Lanie blocked out the negative thoughts and let her body and mind relax.
The energy swirled around her, the pictures in her mind changed as she did.
 Gradually she became her other self. Slowly at first, then faster, her animal took over.
The kaleidoscope of colors streamed into one, and she was complete.
As she settled her body thrummed.
Something—someone was missing.
Her senses strained to hear, to feel, to decide…
Was it today. Would he come and claim her? The pad of paws was so soft, if she hadn't been who she was and what she was, Lainie would have missed it.
Her colors reappeared and gave her security. They were hers until she chose to share them.
"Will you? Will you be mine? Join me and give me my completion?"
Would she?
Even the wind waited for her answer.
To him it must have seemed an age before she smiled and ran her paw over his shoulder. He shuddered and she grinned.
"Now that you've asked…" she let her voice trail off.

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  1. Amazing teaser. I felt captivated in the midst of her change and want to know more. Love it

  2. Such an awesome picture and an awesome flash to go with it :-)

  3. That was fantastic. You drew me right in.

  4. Nice post. Long time, haven't heard from you and welcome back.

  5. The picture and your words describing her transformation and needs as her animal were magnetic and beautiful.