Monday, 26 August 2013

Meet Nash...Meet the author interview with a character blog hop

OH now come and see...

I begged and asked Nash to chat. Oh my do you know how hard that is?

He is such a man's man and says his code word is almacks. I can so believe that. However, however read on and see what else he has to say. (Nash is from Nash's Niche which is released on 29th from Evernight Publishing. He lives in Regency times)

Nash So, I hear you are my author? Hmm. you live in a mighty strange world. What ARE you wearing?

 Me... er *looks down* leggings and a tunic.

Nash.. Oh well it looks somewhat unusual. Is it necessary?

Me... well I like them. They're  warm and cosy.

Nash.. That's irrelevant. So dear Raven. I've wanted to meet you in person for so long. You live in such a weird world. Where's you ink and quill for a start? What if you lived in my world would you miss?

Me... central heating and chocolate bars. Oh and my lap top of course.

Nash.. pfft. How do you go from my world to yours?

 Me. I have a good imagination.

Nash. Is that enough?

Me No not really, but I love research.

Nash. AH but would hands on not be better?

 Me Yes but sadly I don't time travel.

Nash. But your world is noisy and fast. How do you get it right?

Me. I google read and put ear plugs in

Nash Google? Ear plugs, oh that is self explanatory. strange however but I understand. Not this google though.

Me A way of er learining. Think a pamphet of facts but on the net... oh thats a way of commumnication, like instand epistles.

Nash Hmm yes well. and?

Me *blankly* eh?

Nash, I think you're missing something.

Me Oh and I love to read, and when you lived is so interesting. and the men *swoon*.

 Nash Okay I get it ... men in pantaloons where they stretch...

 Me Oh exactly.

Nash *huffy* I'm the best.

Me You're taken, so we just have to swoon at a distance.

WELL NOW, Theres a rafflecopter for an amazing gift card prize, but you need to comment and say where you saw Nash's code word and what it was...

And I'm offering an ebook of Cecilia's Clain, one of the other books in the Series (Behind closed doors)Nash appears in to one randomly chosen commentator. Or if you have that, we'll negotiate :) ) 

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And oh don't forget,

Happy Reading and Nash can be found in Nash's Niche from from 29th.


  1. Looking forward to getting better acquainted with Nash!

  2. Nash, what advice would you have for visitors to Regency times?


  3. Looking forward to getting better acquainted with Nash!

  4. That Nash sounds a bit of a rogue ;-)

  5. Nash's codeword is in the second line of this blobs... The codeword is almacks...
    Interesting interview ...

    caiidynsmommie at gmail dot com

  6. Advice for visitors? Nash suggests you bring a heavily perfumed handkerchief and some hand sanitiser!

  7. Ooh can't wait to meet this guy properly!

    I just got Cecilias claim so will meet him a little in there I guess :D

  8. Raven, This interview cracked me up. Well done!

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    1. I forgot my email. :)

      smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  10. Oh, I'd love to time travel and meet Nash in person! He sounds absolutely scrumptious! Loved the interview!!