Saturday 17 August 2013

Read and Like Saturday, with Brenda S. Finger

I read and I like...

Today, please welcome Brenda S. Finger. 

Thanks for dropping in Brenda, and sharing your 

reading habits with us. Over to you...

My name is Brenda, I'm 60 years old and I have 3 

daughters, 4 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, a great

granddaughter & a great grandson. 

I love dogs, and have 3 of my own.

I'm an avid reader, as a matter of fact I'm a bookaholic. 

I have too many favorite authors to name all of them
but here's a few. 

Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, Shayla Black,
Lexi Blake, Becca Van, and I could go on and on.

Some of my favorite books are Lora Leigh's Nauti
series, her Breed series & he Bound series.

Also Shayla Blacks Wicked Lovers series. And here 
again I could go on and on. 

All of these I've listed so far I like because the people 
seem so real. They can cry and be hurt. Be
happy or be mean.

So far I've not found much I won't read, and if a dog's 
thrown in I will probably love it.

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