Saturday 10 August 2013

Read and Like Saturday with Dianne Hartsock

Hi Dianne, thanks for popping by and chatting...

Hello! Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday. I'm Dianne, and for as long as I can remember I've been a hopeless romantic, starting with Louisa May Alcott's books and moving on to the more intense stories of the Bronte sisters and Jane Austin.
 And then a few years ago I read my first m/m erotic romance. Holy hotness, Batman! I was hooked and continue to gobble them up like candy.
Today I'd like to talk about three 'new to me' authors and their stories that have stuck with me long after I've finished them.
My first author is Silvia Violet and her book FITTING IN. I'm not going to give you the blurb, etc. We'll look that up later. What I'd like to say about Silvia Violet's writing is that her love scenes are incredible! Yes, I said love. The sex is there, hot and heavy, seamlessly written. You're never in doubt who is doing what to whom, what is being put where.
But the emotion involved will tie you in knots and leave you gasping. You know absolutely what they're feeling for each other. So many authors can write the mechanics of sex, but Silvia Violet pulls you right inside her men and you feel every touch and gasping breath and sweeping emotion they do. I've read several of her books now and have found this to be true in all of them. Love it!

Next of my list is Rick R. Reed's book RAINING MEN. Oh my God! If you like lots of hot man sex with multiple partners, this one's for you. Bobby jumps from man to man looking for his perfect someone. But though the sex is fantastic, it's not the main theme behind the story. Bobby is trying to fill up an emptiness inside him that he never can until he realizes he is a man deserving of love.
I've finished several of Reed's books and his storylines are wonderful. The sex is hot and the stories themselves are moving. By the end I'm full-on rooting for the hero's happily ever after. They are flawlessly written stories that have me adding another of Reed's books to my TBR list.

My last author for today is T.A. Webb. I've read his SECOND CHANCES and LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY. They are two stories that have left me wrung out and weepy and rejoicing in life. The emotions in them are sometimes almost more than I can handle, but I push through to the end because I just have to know how it all turns out. This is real life in all its beauty and pain and deep, true love. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one of his stories. It may not change your life, but it will make the world larger and more full of wonder than before.

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  1. Hey Raven! Thanks for having me over today. :) If anyone has a favorite book, please list it! I love finding new authors.

  2. Great psot Dianne!

    I have a favourite book at the moment but it's not erotica. It's The Road by Cormac McCarthy, I'm re-reading it now as it's just so intense, and stays with your for so long after finishing it.

    Dee x