Sunday 3 May 2015

It's #SexySnippets time.

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So this week, I pondered. (Yes, I do sometimes) And thought it was time to start introducing you to Jules and Gray. 

Which will be available for preorder this coming Friday, 8th May, 

and early download two weeks later (22nd)

(Chair swivel jiggle happy dance)


You'd think you'd know if you were married to a sex god wouldn't you?
When Gray turns up on her doorstep looking for his wife, Jules wonders briefly if she's landed in an alternative universe.
The dominant Gray sends her knickers aflame with just one look, but she is sadly not the wife he is looking for.
Is it a case of mistaken identity or is there something more sinister afoot?
There's only one thing to do, unravel the mystery and try and keep their hands off each other. The first may well prove far easier than the latter.

Your #SexySnippets

The tingle went all the way down to her—well, she thought hazily as she opened her mouth and took his tongue inside to let it swirl and circle her own—to everywhere, and especially to her pussy. Her thighs were damp, and she daren’t check to see if her arousal showed in the material that covered her mound. It took all her small supply of control not to moan and pull him back in for round two, as he slowly ended the kiss and moved backwards to lean against the table. 
He seemed as dazed as she was.
“PDAs,” Jules said shakily, “are so not on.”
Gray’s voice was as unsteady as hers. “Not public—but if I decreed we did it in public, believe me, we would.” She didn’t doubt it for one moment.

(8 sorry, bit if I missed either the first or the last sentence it wouldn't have worked.)

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  1. Phew, now that is a kiss and a half :-)

  2. I really enjoyed this snippet. Hot and so much promise for more.
    Good luck with the release.

  3. Oh woody that was some hot stuff. If he decreed indeed she would lol great snippet