Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ten things we didn't know about...McKayla Schutt

Ten things about McKayla Schutt

1.      -I used to write about Vampires before I fell in love with Werewolves. Plus I think they are so much more interesting.
2.      -I still read Vampire books and books about magic like Harry Potter.
3.      -When my characters are growing I normally dream about them and what they are doing in the story. Sometimes this helps me if I am stuck in the story.
4.      -The Imprinted Series started out as a short story started in a challenge called A Story A Day in May.
5.      -Sometimes I watch my three dogs and how they interact and use that in my scenes to make it feel authentic.
6.      -I am a forgetful person, sometimes when I am starting off a new story I can’t remember the names of my characters, I know what they look like but the name always slips away.
7.      -I love to read in the rain, well on a porch with a cover so my book doesn’t get wet or inside with the window open so I can smell it.
8.      -I have a small garden growing inside because the weather can be a pain in the butt where I live.
9.      -Oreoes are my favorite writing food while Pepsi is my go to drink.
10.  -Family is the most important thing to me and they inspire me to write better.
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