Friday, 15 May 2015

#FFF Remembrance

So this week's picture.


The water was tranquil.
Alison trailed her fingers in it, and waited.
Exactly on time he approached it and slipped in with hardly a ripple.
Her heart beat faster as stroke by stroke the distance between them decreased.  He stood up and let the water stream off him.
Her pain and worry drained away, as he grinned, reached for her and spoke softly.
"Ma Belle, are you ready?"
Alison stretched up and touched…
Seventy-five years from his death and she would never forget how Jacques loved the water.
Which is why it was ironic it was water that killed him.
War was hell.

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  1. Oh such a beautifully sad flash x

  2. I sniff every time I read this. Such a poignant flash.

  3. Oh, Gawd, win! On so many levels: unrequited love, love lost, war and sacrifice, and still she loves as though it was yesterday. Beautiful. It ripped through my heart. xo

  4. So creative, Raven! You hit every spot with this one. Great flash is an understatement :-)

  5. Raven, I was very intrigued by this flash. Love the creative twist to it.

  6. Mmm so beautiful, full of love between these too. For him to lead her onto her next life. To be together once again after so long apart. Awesome flash. So full of emotion.

  7. You and Doris think with similar minds, creating a gruesome flash from such a serene setting. I love the history in this flash. Love the story too.