Tuesday, 19 May 2015

#TantalisingTuesdays The Present

Happy TT day.

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The Present

Harrison McQueen and Ford Stevens looked at the woman who did her best to slink passed them, and then at each other.
'There she is," Harrison, known to all as Harry said gleefully. "The delectable Gail​. "You ready?"
Ford nodded and rattled the bag he held. "All in here."
"Bugger, hold on." Ford opened the bag and took the long slip of velvet out and handed it over. "Your job. I've got the handcuffs"
With well practiced ease they drew alongside Gail and boxed her in. She stopped dead as they took an arm each, and held her there.
"Hello pretty lady," Harry said. "I believe it's your birthday."
"A little bird told us you like the look of us, as long as we brought some friends." Ford added and jangled the handcuffs in her face.
"And you had to use your imagination and nothing else." Harry covered her eyes.
Now, sweet thing there's only a couple more things to do. Make sure you know your safe words."
"Redyellowgreen." The words tumbled over each other.
"And now?"
"Green." Her voice was breathy and full of eager arousal.

"Then I guess it’s time to say, Happy Birthday, let your present commence."

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  1. Very arousing and playful. Lucky Gail. xo

  2. Well done! I think she's going to have a wonderful birthday. Very nice and exciting tease, Raven.

  3. A playful piece. Too bad it was only in 200 words, lol! Great one!

  4. Lucky, lucky lady ;-)

  5. That really is tantalizing you can't leave it there. Excellent