Friday, 8 May 2015

#FFF Looks Can Be Deceptive...

Happy Friday peeps.

I stared at this picture for ages, not sure I dare... Then I thought, well why not...

Looks can be deceptive…

Staring into the camera, when your legs were so stretched it felt you were about to give birth to the damned bike, was the most uncomfortable thing ever.
As for the bloody bandana? Whose sodding idea was that?
It was enough to make a grown-up cry.
Then you were told to look big, bold and piratey.
What the fuck is piratey?
The wrist cuffs twisted around and chafed, the mustache and beard itched. Purgatory.
"How much longer was this gonna take?"

"Almost done, okay, that's a wrap. You were amazing, no one would guess you were a girl, Becs."


Hope you liked that and want to catch the rest of the #FFF


  1. Nicely done....totally unexpected

  2. Loved it!! Great ending!!

  3. Such a fun flash and I loved the twist :-)

  4. Well written and hilarious, Raven! Great flash :-)

  5. That was a super twist at the end Raven. Never saw that coming. great Flash x

  6. Oh wow! Loved how you pulled from this picture. So creative and the twist! Wow! Made my jaw drop. Awesome flash!