Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meet Leon...He's...Her Lion Protector...

What more could I ask for? Leon popped in to say hi and answer my question...

“How does it feel to know you're being sent to Scotland where the shifters are different?”
That’s the question the lovely Raven set me, after she finished telling Doris off for not having sent me to her blog.
I tell you, Raven may be known as Grammy Jo, but I wouldn’t want to cross her when she gets her mad on. To quote a line from my book.
“Are you a lion or a mouse, Leon?”
I reckon you can guess what my answer to that was, but in all seriousness Raven reminds me of Mrs. H, our esteemed village elder and Guardian Witch. You wouldn’t want to cross her either. So, I reckon I better introduce myself. My name is Leon Friars and I happen to be Mrs. H’s son-in-law. Now, if you think that gets me special treatment, then you can think again. My wife’s mother is just as likely to chew me out as she is anyone else, probably more so. After all I’m mated to her only daughter, and you could say our path has not been an easy one.
I used to put the blame for that squarely at Rebecca’s feet, but, in truth, I was as much to blame. I let my pride get in the way of going after what’s mine.
Anyhow, I’ll be in trouble with both Doris and Raven if I give the story away too much, so I best answer that question Raven set me, and I must say, so far, Scotland has been most welcoming. My lion has had a whale of a time roaming around the countryside. It reminds me of home in parts. Just as many annoying tourists, that’s for sure. They can seriously cramp your style. The lochs are colder than the lakes, but it doesn’t really bother my lion, and the local leopard packs have been a joy to run with.
Mind you, Cumbria is home and always will be, and I really ought to get back there. After all the shit we had to deal with over the years, I don’t like to be away from my mate for too long, that’s for sure.
Before I leave, I best leave you with an exclusive and hot excerpt. Enjoy.

Leon threw his head back and roared.
A whimper escaped Rebecca at the sound and when he looked at her again, she was awake and watching him warily. The most delightful bush stained her cheeks, and she couldn’t quite hold his gaze. Instead she made a grab for the sheet, but he forestalled her and shook her head at her.
“Never cover yourself up in front of me, pip. You’re mine now, and I like what I see.” He swatted her hand away, when she still tugged at the sheet, and traced the marks of his possession on her fair skin with his fingertips. Bite and claw marks made a beautiful pattern on her body, mixed in with his dried cum, and his cock hardened anew. Her eyes widened when she noticed his erection, and a shiver went through her when he bent his head and nuzzled his bite on her shoulder.
“All mine, beautiful girl.” He murmured the words into her soft skin, as he licked along his marks.
“I’m all sticky and sweaty.” She tried to push him away, but Leon shook his head at her, straddled her legs and pinned her arms back up above her head with a warning growl.
“Are you calling me a liar, girl?” he asked, while running his bearded chin across her red-tipped nipples. A hiss escaped her. No doubt she was sore from his earlier manhandling of them, but her back arched instinctively into his touch, and he could smell the increased wetness between her thighs.
“No, Sir, I would never…but I am all sticky and I need a shower and…argh.”
Leon bit down hard on the little nub in front of him, and Rebecca froze underneath him. He smiled around his precious mouthful and soothed the hurt by licking and suckling around it, and Rebecca’s breathing sped up.
Sitting up slightly he shackled her wrists to the restraints attached to his headboard and then resumed the attention he was paying to her tits. He had to grin at the way his lovely girl immediately relaxed into the restraints, and her eyes clouded over.
“Yes, you love being at my mercy, don’t you, pip. Give me a color, though I bet I know what it is right now.”
He pushed her breasts together and sucked both of her nipples into his mouth, eliciting a deep throated groan of need from Rebecca that made his balls draw tight.
“Color?” he asked again, much firmer this time, and Rebecca moaned.
“Green, Sir, please…”
“Good girl,” he said. “And you’re so very responsive, pip. I bet you could come from me doing this alone, couldn’t you?” He resumed his suck, nip, and bite rhythm of her nipples, and Rebecca grew restless under him. “And I love the fact that you are all sticky and sweaty, as you put it, girl. You smell like me, and that makes me very happy, in fact…”
He lifted off her, spread her legs and settled himself back between her thighs. It was torture and heaven seeing her folds open up to him. Grasping his dick at the root, he ran the tip through her labial lips, and they both groaned in unison. Pleasure surged through him from his sensitive head, and he gritted his teeth, and resumed the slow path through her pussy. Rebecca jumped every time he bumped into her clit. Hugely swollen, the little bundle of her pleasure contracted, and more of her juices spilled out of her pussy hole and coated them both.
“Feel what you do to me, girl. I want to fuck you again.”
Her breathy plea broke the last of his restraint, and he allowed himself to sink into the tight warmth of her cunt on the down stroke. Rebecca moaned and locked her ankles behind his ass, when he bottomed out inside her.
“Still so fucking tight for me, baby.” He ground the words out through gritted teeth, as he held himself still inside her to allow her to get used to his invasion. Her internal muscles gripped him hard, and she rubbed herself against him. The action made his lion roar, and grasping her hips he scrambled to his knees, pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into her.
Rebecca gasped, and moaned, and he continued to pummel into her, as she met him thrust for thrust, the ripples around his dick telling him how close she was to hurtling over that edge again. In truth he wasn’t far behind. His orgasm built at the base of his spine, and he increased his speed. The way her breasts bounced in front of him, and her breathing grew choppy, as she hurtled toward her peak, meant he couldn’t stave off his release any longer. He pulled out of her, flung her legs over his shoulder, and thrust back in with enough force to see stars.
The change of position did the trick, and he forced his eyes open to see his girl fall apart. Fuck, she was stunning when she came. Head thrown back, she bared her throat to him, and her lower half lifted off the bed again, as her skin glowed, and she screamed her release.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, HEA]
Never mess with the fates…
Rebecca Hastings has no intention on settling down with some overpossessive shifter. This fledgling guardian witch might need to have sex to awaken her powers, but surely anyone will do?
When Lion Shifter Leon Friars interrupts her outdoor tryst with the college heart throb, she is simultaneously relieved and shocked. This sex-on-legs hunk can’t be the boy she grew up with. This Protector makes her want to forget all of her plans, and just submit, and that will never do.
Being mated to Rebecca had not been in Leon’s plans either, but his lion has spoken. When Rebecca denies the bond between them, a heartbroken and furious Leon allows her to run away.
The fates will not be denied, however, and when Rebecca returns years later, Leon has to decide whether he can ever trust her again.
Is it too little, too late, or does love conquer all—fates included?
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