Monday 25 May 2015

#TheMondayClub The Case of the Missing Knickers The Boxers Rebellion #fFreeRead week 5

And the saga ends...or does it?

The Boxers Rebellion

It was almost that time. We checked the doorbell worked—it did—and low and behold, at twenty-eight minutes past the hour, the bell rang.
We opened the door to a suitcase sitting on the path looking annoyed, and well frankly, dirty and in need of a wash. Well you would after four days heaven knows where, wouldn't you?
Then a lovely lady wheeled two more cases up to the house.
"Are these yours? One stinks."
She was right. I had to admit one had pungent French cheese in it. I hate cheese of any description, and this was dear husband's. He'd spent ages carefully deciding which cheeses he wanted to bring home, and packed them in his case. His case, thank goodness, not mine.
So I was reunited with three suitcases, which included, three boxes of French gluten free crisp breads, smelly trying to slide out of its packaging cheese and one with the boxers rebellion.
That case smelled, well pants. No wonder the boxers rebelled. Who would want to share a case with several chunks of over ripe French cheese?
As I was due to drive north the following morning, I just put that suitcase into the boot of the car, and ignored it and its contents, with the happy thought that my knickers weren't near it. (There's another lot of cheesy jokes here, but I'm going to be good and not make them.)
I could almost imagine my undies breathing a sigh of relief.
It was all well and good until I opened the car door the next morning. It didn't half smell funny. And I had a four-hour drive ahead of me.
I did the drive with the windows open. Luckily for me, it wasn't raining.
Eventually I got home and unloaded the cases. Dh response to my 'your case stinks' was to advise me to put the cheese in the fridge. Yuk. Believe me, they would have been thrown out, not stored in the fridge.
The clothes breathed a sigh of relief when I unlocked the cases and they saw the light of day for the first time since whenever. My lovely undies were no longer pants for the memories, or a set of That Airline bloomers, but home again.
Which begs the question… is That Airline pants? What do you think?

The end... until...

Happy Reading,

Love R x

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  1. Ah, I'm going to miss these weekly instalments :-)