Tuesday, 26 May 2015

hehe it's Doris day... #TT to kill or not...

This week my #TT is a little different...

I've handed it over to Doris to celebrate her release, 

The Vampire's Protector...

And oh my...

It's so, so worth it...

I mean, just look...

and drool...

To Kill or not…

Dimitrius watched the young woman tied to his bed, and swirled the brandy in his glass with a small smile. What to do with her—that was the question. Even fast asleep, the raven haired eagle shifter stirred his lust, and his fangs itched to taste the blood her steady heartbeat pushed through her veins.
It would be so easy to take her. The rare blood type he sensed would be delicious, while he sunk his cock into her sweet pussy and took what he wanted. She would never remember, if he chose that course of action. It was a tempting thought, for sure, and it would solve his immediate concern about the other Protectors discovering his whereabouts.
His smirk deepened when her eyelids fluttered open, and she yanked on her restraints. Confusion was the uppermost emotion he sensed, not fear at being restrained, as he would have expected. A delightful development for sure, as she briefly relaxed into her ties, before her gaze connected with his. Lust flared in her eyes, when she checked him out, and his interest sparked. This was going to be fun.
“Sleeping Beauty is awake, I see. Tell me, did I pass the inspection?”  
Thanks, Raven for letting me tease on your blog today. There was only one picture I could use, and that’s the inspiration for Dimitrius, the ancient and deadly vampire from The Vampire’s Protector, which released today!
*happy dance*
Hope you enjoyed it J
If that has peeked your interest, The Vampire’s Protector is available from Bookstrand today.
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
She is a Protector, sworn to kill vampires, not mate with them.
Eva Arnett is not having a good day. Not only does she prang her bike, but she is also set upon by a nest of vicious vamps, and then wakes up in an enigmatic stranger’s bed—naked and tied up. Her eagle has lost its mind. The ancient vampire cannot be her mate, but she cannot ignore this overwhelming urge to submit.
Dimitrius Zolnerovich isn’t overly fond of those pesky Protectors keeping him from his food supply. However, when he comes across Eva fighting for her life, he has to intervene. Six vamps against one woman—that’s just bad manners—even if she is a Protector.
He should keep his distance, but this experienced Dom cannot resist the gift of Eva’s submission, and besides, his myshka needs watching.
When trouble hits the village, lethal choices have to be made that may well spell the end for them both.

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  1. Dimitrius thanks you for your hospitality, Raven :-) x

  2. Oh my I do love a teaser. All the best Doris

  3. Way to go Doris. Nice tease. And thank Raven for giving Doris some space to share her work here.

  4. Great tease and good luck with your release