Wednesday, 20 May 2015

#MidWeekTease Where we wonder, what is...The Contract

Well it's out with Evernight Publishing on Friday...

so I thought, it just has to be my #MidWeekTease

Hell’s bells, I hope he's not going to choke to death.  Nikki stood up and thumped Ruari on the back until his choking slowed and stopped. His eyes were streaming, his chinos covered with best Jamaican brew, and he looked a mess. Her heart missed a beat and then raced. A gorgeous mess.
Oh glory, no. I do not want a complication like him in my life. No, no and NO. Damned if her heart ignored her and red hot, ‘oh my I wonder what if’, heat filled her. She ignored it as best she could. After all, hadn't he come to demand something of her and she had no idea what?
By the time Ruari's chest—a rather magnificent chest she judged even though it was covered in blue striped linen—stopped heaving, Nikki had her libido almost under control. Almost. She still had to admit he was a sight for sore eyes. And for an underused…she broke that train of thought off abruptly. She was not going to think of her lack of a sex life.
"I think maybe I'd best feed you. Food for the tummy not the soul." Nikki went into the kitchen, dampened a clean tea-towel and took it out to Ruari. "I'd say take them off and I'll shove them in a washer, but you'll need to wear a sheet or a towel if I do. I don't have any men's togs around."
"A sheet will do, I'm burning my bits off here." He dribbled the cool water from the tea-towel over his groin and sighed. "Better, much better."
She hadn't thought of that. "Then the bathroom is the third on the left. There's plenty of towels and I'll find a sheet."
Ruari disappeared at a fast waddle. His uneven gait, she suspected, had something to do with his desire to keep hot coffee away from tender skin. Nikki followed more slowly. She wasn't sure if her reawakened sex drive could cope with Ruari in a sheet.
As she rummaged through the airing cupboard something caught her eyes. Navy…shorts… She remembered with a heartfelt sigh, just what the cotton garment was.

Shorts. Men's shorts that Rhonda used to sleep in, and had washed a few days earlier. Obviously they'd got mixed up with the sheets and pillowcases and been forgotten. But would they be big enough? She held them up, doubtfully. Ah well at least he had a choice.

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  1. Oh dear, most uncomfortable. Great tease, Raven. :)

  2. Ouch. But hey, there are shorts he can wear! And nothing else...

  3. Poor guy, lol. Something tells me those shorts are not going to help her libido ;-)

  4. Great tease. Man, I'll bet he waddles. Heck of a place for hot coffee.