Sunday, 31 May 2015

#SexySnippets Where Jules thinks...why not

Sorry this is a bit (okay a lot) late in showing up. 

I've not been able to get onto the net. It kept saying move nearer to the router. I'f I was any neater,I would have swallowed it.

Anyway, here goes...

Let's see what Jules is up to...

(Okay, I hold my hands up, I've cheated a little, but where could I stop?)

Bottle it and sell it, instant arousal for anyone looking. She could feel her body tingling in response to his unwitting invitation. Down, girl, sex is not on the table, oh, for heaven’s sake, do not think of sex and table or down. No, not down—not on him or my knees±oh hell think showers, cold showers. She admonished herself and almost groaned aloud. No, not sex and showers—well definitely not Gray, sex and showers. Get your mind and body away from the amorous and into the mundane. Shit, I hope he can’t read what I’m thinking, I know I’ve not got a poker face.

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  1. LOL. poor Jules. She really does have it bad ;-)