Sunday, 17 May 2015


I love #SexySnippets. By reading them, you get a taste of lots of fantastic stories in seven sentences each.

Mine is below but you can check all the others out by  clicking here

At the moment I have a book on preorder, which will be out on early download from May 22nd

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What was it with tall, dark men trying to be macho? Okay, she admitted he didn’t need to try very hard. Over six feet of what seemed—even to her un-lensed eyes—to be perfectly proportioned male, whose short dark hair, showed just a hint of curl. And those eyes, oh, those eyes. She'd bet they were deep, dark and what Miss M. would call enigmatic, they screamed macho without any effort. It still made her want to stamp on his toe to see if he squealed.

Jules swallowed—he was every woman’s fantasy—or nightmare—depending on how you looked at it.

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Love R x