Wednesday 27 May 2015

#MWT... Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig...and...Smolley?

#MidWeekTease time

Hi all, sorry I'm late...

It was a false hope she hadn't seen the way he'd shifted in his chair. Or the way his body had altered the shape of his chinos.
 "Down boy. I'm not on the menu."
Ruari swore his cheeks were the color of her dress. "Sorry, but I'm too tired to control my reactions. Luckily also too tired to act on them."
She giggled. "Don’t think you might wake them up. I've trained in self defense. Oh and contacted Mike at the hotel to get verification you're who you say you are. You pass the Mike-test. By the sound of it your passport photo makes you look like a cross between a young Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, and someone called Smolley. That's according to Shanaia, who checked you in." She winked. "I reckon that is not a good mix, but each to their own."
 Ruari spluttered and almost choked on a mouthful of coffee. "Good grief I hope not, I'd no doubt get all their bad bits."
"Do they have any?" Nikki sniggered. "I mean Pierce and Daniel as Mr. Bond? They could play their cards right and have me."
She shook her head. "Your guess is as good as mine there. No idea who he is but evidently, according to Shanaia, he's the best thing since sliced bread and what he can't do with his hands isn't worth mentioning. I told her not to mention what he could do with them either and she said I needed to open my mind and live. A scary thought if a guy named Smolley and his hands are involved." Nikki rolled her eyes and grinned.
 It was too much. Ruari laughed out loud, spilled his coffee all over his cream chinos and choked.

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  1. Love the humour and banter. Congratulations, Raven!

  2. Too much, lol. That was a great bit. :)

  3. Love the humour here, and that's another gorgeous cover!

  4. Heh heh, chuckled my way through that :-)

  5. Hee -- I love good banter. Great tease, Raven!

  6. Good way to start my day!!! Great pick me up tease! Fun!!