Tuesday, 30 April 2019

#TuesdayTakeover by Erika Reed Burning up the Sheets

It's Tuesday and time for me to hand over  my blog to a guest.

Today, Erika Reed is my guest and she's here and telling us all about Men of Inferno

Kasey Mcintyre, her cousin, and her best friend are visiting the town of Inferno, California. They’re just there to watch Kasey’s dads recognition ceremony at the local firehall, but there’s trouble kindling for the three of them and it’s going to stop them from enjoying their visit.

Brothers Zach, Jake, and Cody Kelly feel their libidos ignite when Kasey’s car almost collides with their fire engine. The three brothers always knew they’d find the right woman to share, just as they always knew that they’d be raising their future family here in Inferno, where their chosen lifestyle would be accepted and respected.

The Kelly boys believe that Kasey is the woman for them, so when the situation heats up and burns out of control, they’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman they have all come to love. It’s going to take love, trust, and courage for the four new lovers to discover the truth and find out who is after Kasey...and why.

Warning: Burning up the Sheets was previously published under the title “Blazing Inferno”. It has since been revised and re-edited with new bonus material added to the story.

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Ohhh, happy reading, and added to my TBR list. sounds great.

love Raven xx

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